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Sequential Analysis of Multiple Gas Samples – Rapidox

Rapidox 2112 Multiplex system

Cambridge Sensotec is pleased to announce the launch of the Rapidox 2112 Multiplex system, designed to allow for the sequential analysis of multiple gas samples using just one analyser.

Available with up 15 independent gas inlet ports, the system is ideal for providing sampling throughout the individual stages of a process.

Programmed with bespoke Rapidox software, the 2112 Multiplex allows the user full control over the sampling time and labelling of each channel. The supplied software also synchronises with the Rapidox gas analyser enabling users to easily identify the channels being sampled at any given time.

The Rapidox 2112 Multiplex system is intended for stand-alone applications, which allows the 2112 Multiplex to be integrated with other gas sampling systems or gas process applications requiring multiple sample points.

For further information on Rapidox 2112 Multiplex system, please contact Cambridge Sensotec on: +44 (0)1480 462142 or email: [Email protected].

Further details can also be found on our website: www.cambridge-sensotec.co.uk/p-Rapidox_2112_Multiplex

Cambridge Sensotec

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