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Compact, Benchtop System For Formulation Analysis

Testing the ageing and shelf-life of emulsions, suspensions, dispersions and foams is an essential requirement in research and development and quality control across a wide range of industries and processes, such as ink jet development, cosmetics and soft drinks production. Whilst traditional testing methods are reliable they don’t provide the quick results that chemists require to meet the needs of today’s product formulation and manufacturing demands. The ideal solution is available from laboratory and instrumentation specialists FULLBROOK SYSTEMS the UK distributor of the Turbiscan range of stability analysers made by FORMULACTION.

The latest range of instruments includes the Turbiscan TLAb which is a compact benchtop model with temperature regulation and perfect for detecting all kinds of destabilisation, including coalescence, flocculation, creaming, sedimentation etc. for analysis, formulation development and quality control purposes. The TLAb is available in three versions, each provides a range of features and functions even with up to 54 samples which without dilution, enable the quick and convenient characterisation of concentrated dispersions.

The TLAb is designed to operate on emulsions, suspensions and foams at concentrations up to 60% v/v and particle sizes from 0.1 µm up to 10mm. Movement of particles leading to sedimentation or creaming can be analysed by direct and easy calculation of the migration velocity along with the thickness of the sediment or cream phases. It follows the natural destabilisation without artificially accelerating the changes with discreet variations in particle size due to coalescence or flocculation accurately monitored and recorded. The measured stability data can be subsequently manipulated and ranked by a standard PC using the dedicated Turbisoft software provided.

The integral reading head acquires backscattering data every 40 µm while moving up the 55mm sample height which means that the whole of the test sample is analysed, top, middle and bottom.

A series of scans is then repeated at user defined intervals according to the stability of the sample. An integral bar code reader allows the software to identify individual samples and thermo-regulation enables measurements to be carried out at controlled temperatures from +5ºC above the ambient to +60ºC.

TLAb also provides the facility to carry out a quick single-point measurement to enable a rapid signature (sample fingerprint) of the product being analysed. This means that immediate quality control, without the need to dilute concentrated dispersions, is possible. These features contribute toward making the Turbiscan TLab the ideal instrument for identifying and measuring early changes in product stability in respect of particle size and concentration.

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