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Tubo de aço inoxidável de parede fina é a indústria primeiro

  • Sistema de tubulação mecânica ranhurado da indústria para tubo de aço inoxidável de parede fina
  • StrengThin™ 100’s groove profile increases coupling engagement and avoids the risk of pipe flare
  • O sistema também inclui uma linha completa de acessórios e válvulas de aço inoxidável leve

Victaulic, the world”s leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe-joining systems, has today launched its new StrengThin™ 100 range for thin wall stainless steel pipes. The new product range, designed to overcome challenges associated with welding thin wall stainless steel pipes, is another first-to-market launch for Victaulic.

The current trend in the construction market across Europe is towards the use of thin wall stainless steel piping, it is the sector’s go-to, particularly for chilled water, cooling, potable water and oil-free air systems. With increased efficiency of onsite material handling, thin wall stainless steel pipe lowers total installation costs, making it as the preferred option for many.

However, welding thin wall stainless steel isn’t without its risks. Overheating the pipe and needing chemicals to pickle and passivate the pipe to restore its corrosion resistance, are just two of the challenges associated with the welding process. To address these industry challenges, Victaulic created the StrengThin™ 100 System.

Mark Gilbert, Victaulic Vice President and General Manager, EMEAI, said: “At Victaulic we constantly aim to be on the front foot of innovation in the construction industry. We look to provide our customers with products that are more time efficient, cost effective and safer than anything else on the market. StrengThin100 is just that. Finally, our customers can use thin wall stainless steel piping without the fear of overheating the pipe as a result of welding, an issue that has challenged the industry for years.”

Victaulic’s new grooved mechanical piping system also uses the company’s propriety Installation-Ready™ Technology, which provide fast, easy pipe connections, eliminating the need to disassemble the coupling with no loose parts to lose or drop. The coupling is rated up to 16 bar and suitable for temperatures ranging from -34°C to +121°C. The system also includes a full line of lightweight stainless steel fittings and valves, as well as a new StrengThin™ 100 grooving tool. The range’s new groove profile also increases coupling engagement and avoids the risk of pipe flare.

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