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ATEX certification for Sure-Flex coupling

Ever since the product was introduced to the market, the Sure-Flex coupling from TB Wood’s, part of Altra Industrial Couplings, has been a popular choice for many industries. The versatility of the range has now been increased with the announcement that it has been awarded ATEX certification, which allows the coupling to be installed in some potentially explosive atmospheres.

The coupling is rated as Device Group “II”, Category “2”, Material Group “G” for Gas and “D” for dust, Kind of Ignition “c”, Temperature T4 ( <135C) for EPDM or Hytrel Sleeves, and Temperature T5 ( <100C) for Neoprene or Urethane Sleeves.

The design of the Sure-Flex® coupling provides customers with a reliable coupling which is easy to install, thanks to its innovative design. It also offers excellent shock loading capability as well as a 4-way flexing action, which can accommodate all types of vibration, misalignment and end-float.

The Sure-Flex range offers a wide selection of flange types and bushing mount options, with bore sizes available to order. The couplings are available with a choice of EPDM, Neoprene, or Hytrel sleeve flex elements to suit the needs of the specific applications. These reliable designs deliver easy installation without bolts, gaskets, covers or seals, while providing superior flexibility and the ability to absorb extreme torsional shock.

The ATEX certificate covers all product designs within the Sure-Flex range. The only distinction is between the maximum surface temperature classes depending on the sleeve material; EPDM and Hytrel are T4 ( <135C), while Neoprene and Urethane are T5 ( <100C).

With a maximum torque load of 8.2 kNm, the Sure-Flex® coupling can be used as an economical, reliable, highly flexible solution for pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, mixers and other equipment. For applications which demand easy maintenance and the ability to accept both parallel and angular misalignment there is an extensive range of sizes, materials, and shaft mounting options to cover a wide range of “distance-between-shaft-end” spacing.

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