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Axion Polymers é finalista do National Recycling Awards

Equipe de Vendas Axion-Polymers 2019

Axion Polymers is a finalist in the 2019 National Recycling Awards for the ‘Team of the Year – Commercial’ category for their efforts in driving innovation in recycled polymer applications.

The Manchester-based plastics recycler’s experienced team was selected for its united approach in pulling together to develop bespoke recycled polymers to suit clients’ specifications for use in a wide range of new product applications.

Plastics are recycled from end-of-life vehicles (auto shredder waste) and refined into high-quality engineering polymers capable of matching the qualities of virgin material at the company’s two processing sites. This complex process requires dedicated knowledge, teamwork and close liaison with clients at every stage of the development process.

The team delivers high performance for diverse clients through a thorough understanding of their requirements from initial contact; the laboratory team working on the physical properties of the polymer following through to personal visits at clients’ premises and working with their production teams.

A partir desse estágio, a equipe ajuda o cliente a configurar suas máquinas para obter o melhor acabamento e os resultados, e os procedimentos existentes são verificados para garantir que estejam prontos para lidar com as preocupações do cliente.

Laura Smith, gerente de operações comerciais, diz: “We’re prepared to invest a lot of time and effort in the development phase of the project because what we’re looking for are long-term relationships with our customers based on trust. And, ultimately, that is to everyone’s benefit.”

Judith Clayman, Axion’s General Manager comments: “All credit is due to the excellent team at Axion Polymers that builds long-term relationships with customers to deliver successful, sustainable – and crucially locally-sourced – raw material supply chains with all-round benefits. It’s an environmentally-friendly and economically-viable ‘virtuous circle’ of which the whole team is justly proud.”

Ela adiciona: “What was once considered a waste material is being turned into a valuable raw material resource: plastics from scrap cars going back into new vehicle components, as well as a host of different applications, from furniture to roof tiles. I’m very proud of our team that is driving the circular economy by working together to meet the customers’ diverse needs in every respect.”

A cerimônia de premiação será realizada no The Hilton, Park Lane, Londres, em junho 27th 2019.

A Axion Polymers faz parte do Grupo Axion que desenvolve e opera soluções inovadoras de recuperação de recursos e processamento para reciclagem de materiais de resíduos. O Grupo trabalha com uma ampla gama de clientes nas indústrias de reciclagem e processos no desenvolvimento prático de novos métodos de processamento e coleta.

Para obter mais informações, entre em contato com a Axion Polymers no 161 737 6124 ou visite o site - www.axiongroup.co.uk @polímeros de correspondência.

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