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Soft fruit packager WH Porter has switched its entire production to a Proseal GT2 tray sealer after the machine demonstrated its capability of coping with the toughest production line demands.

WH Porter packs all its own fruit, as well as produce from two other growers, adding up to around three million pack units per year at a rate of up to 40,000 packs a day.

It chose to switch to heat sealing using a film lid, and the Proseal GT2, as way of reducing packaging and the environmental impact of the product.

As WH Porter’s confidence in the machine and the heat sealing process grew, the decision was taken to switch the entire crop to heat sealed packs.
The Proseal GT2 is a fully automatic high speed tray sealing system combining high throughput with rapid tool change and space saving compact design.
Capable of 90+ packs per minute with a six-impression tool, the GT2 system is packed with user friendly benefits including Proseal’s special lightweight high strength tooling.

Proseal’s build quality, plus commitment to customer service and support, were highlighted as critical factors in the success of the switch.
James Porter, Partner at WH Porter in Angus, Scotland, says: “It is very heartening to see a British company not only achieving such a world-beating standard in build quality, but also backing it up with superb service and support.”

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