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Fike Expande a Varredura do Disco de Ruptura

Atlas-Inconel 625 disco de explosão

A global leading fire, explosion and pressure relief solutions company has made significant enhancements to its flagship Atlas bursting disc product offering, as part of its committed effort to develop and deliver the most cost effective and safest pressure relief solutions available to process industries.

Extending its already all-encompassing high quality and safety driven product range, Fike UK – based in Kent – has introduced the Atlas Inconel 625 bursting disc. Their revolutionary G2 technology has been paired with Inconel 625, a standard material of construction to strengthen the bursting disc, whilst increasing the life span and performance due to benefits of increased corrosion resistance.

Commenting on the technological enhancement, Keith Avila, General Manager of Fike said: “We understand the significance of protecting process systems and we strive to continuously develop our broad range of safety focussed products to ensure that we are at the forefront in our industry. This development to our successful Atlas range will prove to be a very cost effective solution to our customers who will also receive noticeable improvements due to the introduction of the strengthened material.”

The Atlas Inconel 625 bursting disc can withstand a wide range of temperatures, as well as burst pressures ranging from 4.13 – 103.42 barg. With the addition of the hardwearing strengthened material Inconel 625 – a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy – the disc possesses outstanding corrosion resistance.

Being the material of choice for use in both upstream and downstream oil and gas applications, geothermal installations and desalination plants, Inconel 625 can also be applied in multiple demanding applications such as aerospace, nuclear and chemical processing industries.

Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1 to 4 inch, the bursting disc is fully certified, having undergone extensive development and testing prior to being officially approved.

Keith commented: “As with all Fike products, and following industry best practice, our products meet, and in many cases exceed, industry standards in terms of bursting disc performance, reliability and quality. Fike has unprecedented expertise and is fully committed to providing the highest quality and safest solutions possible.

“Safety can never be underestimated and prevention is key in process industries. It is essential to have measures such as the Atlas Inconel 625 bursting disc in place in order to eliminate the risk of mechanical/equipment damage, loss of product and production time as well as potential risk of damage caused to the physical environment and safety of the workforce.”
With almost 70 years’ experience, Fike is a globally recognised company for supplying products and services to protect people and critical assets from fire, explosion and over-pressurisation. Fike has an experienced team of in-house engineers, application specialists and combustion researchers specialising to companies across the food, power, wood, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Para mais informações, entre em contato com a Fike UK Ltd, Maidstone, Kent. Tel: + 44 (0) 1622 677081
Email [Email protegido] Rede: www.fike.co.uk

Fike UK

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