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Expansão da Instalação de Produção de Tanques Termoplásticos Automatizada Maiores

Fabricação de tanques termoplásticos com revestimento helicoidal

Three years ago Forbes Technologies Ltd invested £1.5 million in a brand new facility for the manufacture of large helically wound thermoplastic tanks with capacities in excess of 100 cubic metres. With demand increasing for tanks in High Density Polyethylene PE 100, work has started on a major expansion in production space at their Kelso factory, located in the Scottish Borders. The expansion represents 40% increase in production area which Forbes has work in hand including for the export market which has been helped by the devaluing of the UK Pound against the US Dollar.

O processo automatizado de extrusão / enrolamento de material termoplástico em mandris grandes variando de 750mm de diâmetro a 4000mm de diâmetro produz uma parede sólida homogênea com espessuras de poucos milímetros a mais de 120mm de espessura em polietileno ou polipropileno. As bases e topos dos tanques são automaticamente soldadas ao cilindro, proporcionando excepcional resistência à solda. Os tanques termoplásticos são projetados, construídos, testados e inspecionados para BS EN 12573.

Demand for the Forbes unique “Innatank” is increasing. Innatanks consist of helically wound tank with an integrally bonded close fitting bund which reduces the overall foot print. Fitted with automated bund alarm & “over the top” discharge system, the Innatank is one of the safest storage solutions for hazardous chemicals.

Com oficinas dedicadas a tipos específicos de construção e materiais, a Forbes fabrica os tanques mais econômicos desenvolvidos para sua aplicação.

Forbes also manufacture tanks in dual laminate composites incorporating Polypropylene & PVCu structurally reinforced with glassfibre laminates up to 200,000 litres. Due to the weak UK Pound exports continue including to the Middle East Dual laminate construction also includes more sophisticated materials such as PVDF & ECTFE reinforced with GRP

Forbes also offers a range of hoop chopped wound GRP tanks with capacities in excess of 200,000 litres This automated process processes large tanks at very competitive prices. These tanks incorporate a wide range of resins from basic isophthalic glass fibre laminates to the sophisticated highly chemical resistant, high temperature resistant vinylester resins. With our unique post curing oven 5.5 metres diameter by 13.5 metres long allows full post curing of completed tanks at 90C. This process is essential to achieve the required chemical resistance in aggressive chemical environments

“With our wound GRP tanks, helically wound thermoplastic tanks, dual laminate thermoplastic /GRP tanks & our traditional thermoplastic fabricated tanks, which we have built since 1960, makes us truly a “one stop shop”. Unlike any other company in the UK this gives Forbes the opportunity to offer the customer the best solution to their tank requirements” stated Melvyn Jupp, Managing Director.

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