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New Service Ensures Accurate Weighing Results

3 step process weighing approach

When accuracy is at stake, users need to rely on their balance to deliver the results they need. To ensure measurements meet the process tolerances, equipment selection, installation, and calibration are of highest importance

When purchasing a balance, users may think that they can rely on measurement resolution to determine if the equipment will work in context. However, because accuracy involves a lot more than resolution, only appropriate services can make sure a new balance delivers the accuracy required by lab processes.

To ensure users obtain ongoing accuracy from their balances, METTLER TOLEDO Laboratory Weighing Service and Good Weighing PracticeTM (GWP®) personnel have teamed up to develop a simple, three-step approach that will help users:

Choose the right instrument. GWP® Recommendation, a free of charge evaluation service, helps to ensure that the balance selected meets the accuracy requirements of the lab’s day-to-day weighing processes. This unique systematic and scientific assessment is used by METTLER TOLEDO representatives worldwide.

Control environmental influences that affect accuracy. METTLER TOLEDO Installation Pacs provide professional balance installation and qualification based on the industry and work environment. This ensures that new equipment is up and running on time and can immediately deliver results that meet productivity, quality and regulatory requirements.

Prove required accuracy. GWP® Verification demonstrates equipment accuracy and defines the optimal calibration and testing plan. Based on a calibration that determines measurement uncertainty and minimum weight on site, GWP® Verification ensures performance requirements are met on an ongoing basis.

In summary, these three steps can provide the foundation for years of successful analysis and development in the lab.

Mettler-Toledo Ltd

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