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New website from Schenck Process for ordering replacement chain for conveyors

Schenck Process,Chains,Redler chain conveyors

To attract new customers to purchase Chain spares and components a new website has been created for the Aftermarket division of Schenck Process with the web address www.replacementchain.co.uk

The website will supply Redler branded conveyor chain and components as part of the Schenck Process range of products and services that can be provided by the company.

The site has gone live in June and is being promoted on the internet to customers who have existing chain conveyors and need a replacement chain or components such as link pins.

Redler chain conveyors have been supplied to many thousands of locations worldwide for the handling of hundreds of different dry bulk materials. Now the chain, links, flights and pins that are an integral part of the Redler and Schenck Process product are available to be fitted to other manufacturer’s conveyors as replacement parts.
Schenck Process UK Limited, Carolina Court, Lakeside, Doncaster, DN4 5RA,

Tel 01302 321 313,

o email [Email protegido] www.schenckprocess.co.uk

Schenck Process UK Ltd

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