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BOGE apresenta embalagem de lubrificação sustentável

Cubo de Lubrificação de Boge

BOGE has become the first compressor manufacturer to offer lubricant in environmentally-friendly packaging, thanks to the launch of its ‘Lube Cube’, an ecological alternative to traditional plastic containers.

Lube Cubes are stackable (and therefore easy to store and transport) and simple to use (‘anti-glug’ taps dispense the lubricant when required, and eliminate spills and waste).

They are also almost entirely recyclable and therefore dramatically reduce environmental impact and disposal costs, and increase sustainability.

The Lube Cube’s ‘bag in a box’ concept comprises a robust 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard outer to provide protection during transportation and use, and a 98% recyclable inner. This means they boast greater sustainability and have a significantly lower carbon footprint than other packaging. Once empty, the boxes can be simply flattened and recycled.

BOGE’s General Manager, Mark Whitmore, said: “Customers tend to dispose of conventional plastic containers by sending them to landfill at an ever-increasing cost. At BOGE, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact as much as possible.

“Lube Cubes are significantly less damaging to the environment and have the added benefit of providing our customers with a serious reduction in cost of disposal. It costs around £3 to dispose of a 20 litre plastic drum compared with just 6p for a Lube Cube.”

He added: “Lube Cubes are also exceptionally robust. They have been supplied into Industrial field service applications for six years without a single reported incident of the bag being burst.”

Lube Cube is manufactured by a global lubricant supplier, which offers above industry-average speed of innovation and a high degree of specialisation, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

Learn more about Lube Cube at uk.boge.com/pt.

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