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LubeFree Option for AM Series Air Motors

lubefree am series

Gast introduces new, proprietary vane material that provides reliable performance with or without lubrication

GAST’s LubeFree option for its AM series air motors uses a proprietary vane material that provides versatility, allowing users to oil or not oil the motor.

LubeFree has expanded GAST’s range of 2AM, 4AM and 6AM Series and affords operators the flexibility to modify their maintenance schedules or save money by eliminating oil, lubricator components and system maintenance.

As Andrew Lidington explains, pneumatic motors operating with in-line lubricators have the benefit of extended life, they improve efficiency and act as a protectorant of surface finishes against dirty or humid inlet air. However, ensuring that motors are regularly oiled can be costly, cumbersome and, in some applications, not even an acceptable option.

“With the LubeFree option, GAST now has a simple and effective solution. In fact, independent tests have shown more than 10,000 hours of operation in completely oil-less applications and, when lubricated regularly or even occasionally, the motor’s life can be extended by up to 110%!”

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