• Chopper de borracha

Chopper de borracha

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For size reduction of bales of natural and synthetic rubbers to facilitate blending with other ingredients or dissolving.

The Hosokawa Micron Rubber Chopper’s extra heavy-duty design can shred bales of rubber and plastic in seconds at a maximum torque of 3Kw/rpm. The machine operates at low speeds (typ 40 rpm) and generates enormous torque to deliver benefits including:

  • Baixa manutenção
  • Minimised noise, minimal wear
  • Low-temperature rise
  • Eficiência energética
  • Controlled end particle size

A bale is dropped into the hopper inlet, the sharp edges of rotating hammers bite into the bale and shear it into chunks against the anvils. As the chunks are pushed through the barrel they are repeatedly chopped into smaller pieces until they pass through the orifice plate. Cut-off knives shear the product as it exits the plate governing the final size of the material being extruded.

Bale Ram Feeder Unit is available for automated feeding – see Specifications for details.

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