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Speedor 'Storms' na instalação de compostagem dentro da embarcação

hart speedor

Working for a major transnational company active in water and waste management as well as energy services, Hart Door Systems has installed three Speedor Storms at an in-vessel composting facility capable of processing 60,000 tonnes of kitchen and green garden waste each year.

Hart now has over 60 doors installed across 11 sites for the same client, all supported by Hart’s Machinery Directive compliant planned maintenance service.

Hart’s Speedor Storms are in demand for high-traffic situations where airborne smells, noise and vermin egress are issues and where high humidity and corrosive atmospheres are also bi-products.

Speedor Storm is designed for enhanced productivity, energy efficiency through reduced heat loss and overall environmental control. Main features include a unique guide system offering exceptional wind resistance through a reliable and clean inline drive system complete with integral safety brake and variable speed operation.

t: 0191 214 0404

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