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New Smartphone App for Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction App

Teijin Aramid has launched a new smartphone app helping customers to reduce waste by quantifying remaining running lengths on bobbins of aramid yarn. The app optimises the use of Teijin’s fibers by providing information on how much material is left on a bobbin of continuous yarn. Entire bobbins are rarely used in one production run and knowing how much material is left will help to reduce waste.

This easy service tool for smartphones allows Teijin’s customers to determine the remaining running length on a bobbin. In the following months, Teijin Aramid will work on similar apps to support customers who use aramid fibres on a daily basis with tools to improve their workflow and at the same time reduce waste, costs and environmental impact.

Otto Grabandt, Global Technology and Application Manager at Teijin Aramid says: “At a certain moment every customer needs an accurate estimate of the remaining running length. The app is a perfect and easy to use tool for our customers to reduce waste and plan ahead. Besides that, it is not only the perfect equipment to calculate the remaining running length of our aramid yarn but will also help with other fibres.”

Until now, most operators in factories have to use special tables printed on paper with estimates to determine the remaining running length. These sheets often perform poorly and do not have the latest information and product specifications. By entering the total weight of the bobbin into the smartphone app and selecting the right tube, yarn type and linear density the app is an easy to use tool that supports customers with calculating the exact remaining running length.

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