Março 2018

Uma visão do mundo do Diretor de Marketing da PII, Guy Ullmann ...

Ah, e notícias sobre cada questão de PII !!

WCU de Guy

Welcome to the March issue of my WCU

If you’re based in the UK, I hope you’re enjoying the warm glow of spring ….or not as the case may be!

My BIG news this month, is that after more than 2 years in development, my side project, Tagme app (nothing to do with PII and worked on outside of PII hours!), went live in the app Store this week, and will be available on Android by the weekend.

It’s a very simple concept which allows users with similar interests to connect, or find local businesses.

Spring is here!
Tagme app

It has already received some great PR coverage on and had a post featured on

It’s a free app and I would HUGELY appreciate it, if you could take a moment to download and write a nice review :)

I would of course owe a massive IOU

It can be downloaded aqui

O que está acontecendo in the April issue of PII

  1. Industrial Boilers – Steam Boilers in the Process Industries
  2. Plant Safety – Understanding functional safety
  3. Security – Reliability in maintenance
  4. Solids Handling & Processing - 5 easy steps to make your production line more efficient
  5. Indústria 4.0 – but different
  6. Sistemas de Resfriamento – Restoring the thermal performance
  7. Dosagem química – Different circumstances that can lead to the need for a hiring systemâ € <

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PII Greatest Hits

PII Greatest Hits

Here are the top 10 most read articles on our site, since my last WCU back in January, with another interesting first...!

So it seems my words of wisdom appear to be pretty popular :) I could write a book on this subject to be honest.

Email marketing is changing dramatically, and businesses need to adapt - you and I both know we receive too many emails, and I’m also more than weary that ‘us’ medias probably make up a large majority of them!

There is pattern starting to form here however, the Pontos de vista articles are really attracting a lot of engagement, which is why it surprises me so much why VOCÊ are not taking advantage of this - stop procrastinating and start writing!!

Me at the top (again!)

Me at the top (again!)

The MOST cost-effective form of PPC

Out of the top 10, 7 articles are from our Premium PR members (in bold) - the other 3 are from the Viewpoints section.

I can also tell you the top-rated PR from Amazon Filters has received 283 website click-throughs, from 283 UNIQUE IP's. And you can see from their more recent PR the results are equally as impressive:

Amazon Filters Click-through report

Too many PR senders have such a negative attitude towards paying for coverage, however the results are here to see in black & white. Compare the ROI with PPC and there is no comparison, and I would bet my bottom dollar the lead quality is much higher.

Nosso membros include a host of other features so for those who have a 'no budget for PR policy' you can disguise the order as digital advertising :)

Shameless Tagme app plug :)

OK OK, I could not, not include a sneaky preview video of my App :)

Ezine Focus: Process Measurement & Instrumentation

Our first Ezine has received raving reviews, with incredibly positive feedback from readers, advertisers and agencies.
If you missed our first edition you can read below, and we are now working on our next edition focussed on Drives & Motors - drop me an email if you are interested in being included - [Email protegido]

So a rather Tagme app focused edition which I hope you don't mind. It has been a big part of my life for so long and I really hope it helps users as intended. Once again, your support & feedback would be incredibly appreciated.

And of course, I also hope we can look forward to your inclusion in our April issue.

Tudo de bom,


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